Friday, March 12, 2010

SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One week before Spring begins, and we get an unbelievable snowfall!! Marmot Basin received a whopping 17cm in the past 24 hours and its still snowing hard!! Can you say POWDER??

And no one's complaining in town either, or maybe its just that everyone called in sick so that they could hit the hill!!

With a new fresh blanket of snow, the Maligne Canyon Icewalk will be even more enchanting this weekend, so make sure you get out on tour if you are in town! We have departures daily at 10am, 2pm and 7pm. Please remember that pickups start 30 minutes before each tour, so you will need to book ahead!

If this blast of winter decides to hang around, you may be able to take in a Discovery Snowshoe Tour, or perhaps an Intro To Cross-Country Skiing lesson with Dieter!! What a treat!

Be sure to call us early to book your tours as Jasper is going to be a popular place this weekend!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

An Athabasca River Adventure

As we begin the month of March here in Jasper, it would seem that Spring is on its way and with the unseasonably warm weather Bev and Murray got out for a beautiful canoe down Athabasca River. This river travels through the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Jasper National Park.

The Athabasca River rises in the glaciers of Alberta’s Jasper National Park, one of the most beautiful areas of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. For 168 kilometres the river passes below spectacular snow-covered peaks, many rising more than 2,500 metres above the valley floor. Not seen by white men until the early 19th century, the river’s upper valley played a significant role in the development of the Canadian west for more than 100 years. A major fur trade route, the valley also has close connections with the surveying and mapping of western Canada, and with the building of railways and roads which have linked this country from east to west. The Athabasca is accessible by both road and rail from all major centres in Alberta and British Columbia and offers excellent canoeing, kayaking, hiking and rafting with all of the attendant services and facilities usually found in Canada’s national parks.

Because of this outstanding natural beauty, historical significance and importance for river recreation, the section of the Athabasca River within Jasper National Park has been nominated as a Canadian Heritage River.

The Athabasca River as a whole is the longest river in Alberta, winding 1,538 km through mountains, prairies, forests and muskeg to Lake Athabasca in Wood Buffalo National Park. One of the major drainage conduits for western Canada, the Athabasca originates in the Columbia Icefield, a 325 square kilometre area along the Continental Divide, and flows across three of the major physiographic regions of Canada, namely the Rocky Mountains, the Interior Plains and the Canadian Shield.

The section of the Athabasca River nominated to the Canadian Heritage Rivers System is 168 km long and lies entirely within Jasper National Park. Here, the river flows swiftly through the mountains, sometimes through narrow, confined channels, with

gorges, rapids and waterfalls; other times, in wide, open, braided river channels with alluvial flats more than a kilometre wide.

It is truly unbelievable that Bev and Murray were able to travel this river in such warm weather yesterday. They were prepared to walk through the shallows, as can be necessary because of water level fluctuations, but the river was flowing fairly well and they only touched bottom in 3 places.

Starting at Old Fort Point, a very popular put-in point and pulling out at Moberly Bridge the trip proved to be absolutely stunning.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

WELCOME TO 2010!!!!

Its a new year for everyone and here in Jasper its a wonderful beginning! Warm weather and sunny skies are gracing our days and we enjoying them as much as we can!

New Year's day was a fun one for Murray and his family. A snowshoe tour was on the books so out they went to enjoy the fresh snow! This tour, it would seem, was out of this you can see in the pictures, it would appear that Abby fell from the sky!!

Our Maligne Canyon Icewalks were in full swing over the holidays, operating everyday at 10am , 2pm, and 7pm. The new format for the Icewalk appears to be a great decision....

For those of you who have been on the Icewalk before, you probably remember parking at the 5th Bridge and making your way into the Canyon from there, then returning the same way. For part of last year, and of course now this year, we are starting the walk from the 1st Bridge and ending at the 5th bridge with our vehicle being moved while the walk occurs!! What a change!! You get to see the whole canyon without having to walk back up that hill!!

Of course, we do have other winter adventures available. We have a Snowshoe Discovery Tour, Maligne Valley Tour, and a Cross-Country Ski Intro Course.

Feel free to call us before you arrive in Jasper to book your tours as booking ahead is always a good plan!! You can also book your tours online through our website. If you want to wait until you are in town, drop by our office located at 618 Connaught Drive, across the street from the Historic Black Steam Engine. We are also able to offer you ski and snowboard rentals so stop by and check us out!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

The end of the season is very near with highs for the next few days up to 16c.
Say goodbye to the icewalk for the season. There is still plenty of ice in
the canyon, but things are dangerous due to a varity of objects falling in from
above as the ice melts releasing rocks, tree limbs and pieces of ice.

Some fading memories of the ice this year.

1. Fresh snow on the Icefall below Bridge 1,
taken two days ago when it snowed/rained
in town, but at the canyon up to 10-12cm of snow.

2. Entering the Canyon. At the start of the year, we were
walking under this tree with clearance of several feet.
Ever Evolving in the canyon.

3. Approaching what the guides are calling the Grotto. This icefall formation
has stayed up all winter. There is a cave behind this fall that goes back 3-4m
Generally the icefall collapses partway through the winter with a warm period.
But not this year. Didn't have that break in the weather this year.

4. Looking from Angel Icefall to the
Queen of Maligne Icefall

5. "Queen of Maligne" Icefall in all her glory.

6. The Queen's Behind

7. Showers constantly happening that form up the Queen
throughout the winter.

A few more weeks of Skiing and Bye Bye Winter 08/09!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Could It Really Be????

After a disastrously cold beginning to the week, I'm feeling optimistic. Spring may actually be right around the corner! Of course, the weatherman wants me to believe that March will be cold, cold, cold...but today is once again the kind of beautiful day that people hope for in Jasper. With the weekend weather becoming warmer and warmer, we expect a great weekend of Maligne Canyon Icewalks! Although the cold snaps this winter aren't the best, they sure make the ICE FORMATION in the canyon a true marvel of nature. I've been told that the canyon hasn't been this ice-filled in 6 to 8 years...amazing!!

Our tours depart at 10am, 2pm and 7pm for those wanting to hit the slopes at Marmot Basin before their Icewalk! With the warm weather, you could arrive in Jasper completely unprepared and still go on the Maligne Canyon Icewalk, as the only thing you really need is yourself and a camera, since we provide appropriate footwear and ice cleats for your safety! Our friend the bighorn sheep has been hanging around the canyon this season, and if you're lucky he might just make an appearance during your tour!! Young and old, this tour is for everyone who wants to see what Mother Nature does in her spare time!!

Give us a call or stop by our booking office for more information! We are located at 618 Connaught Drive, across from the Historic Steam Engine. 1-800-565-7547

See you on the ICE!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


That's about all that needs to be said about a day like today. The sun is shining, warming up the cool mountain air just enough. Our Maligne Canyon Icewalks are in full swing, spring break is almost upon us and we are READY! The Canyon is the most beautiful its been in years. With the warmer weather for large parts of the season, the snow and ice has been melting and creating some absolutely amazing formations right on the floor of the canyon! In my four winters in Jasper, I've never seen so much ICE in the canyon. This tour is a must during your trip to Jasper!! But what to do once you've done the icewalk?? During the week, we offer a snowshoeing tour, and also an Introduction to Cross Country skiing. We always appreciate reservations for our tours, but most of the time we can fit you in if you just happen to be walking by! The Maligne Canyon Icewalk is a great tour if you pull into town in the late afternoon, as our evening tour departs at 7pm.

Have a great week and have fun planning your trip to Jasper!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Welcome to 2009!!

A new year has come and here we sit contemplating what the last year gave us. For Ryan Titchener (at right), life is full of adventures. Originally from Ontario, Ryan fits right in here in this majestic mountain town. As an ice climbing enthusiast, he is out there every chance he gets, and wanted to share some of that with you!!

Here are a few photos taken on Ryan's most recent ice climb, with fellow guide Troy Gallant.
Who ever knew that frozen water could be so absolutely magnificent??

This is not a hobby for the faint hearted. You have to be confident and strong to get yourself to the top of those icefalls.

The Maligne Canyon is always a popular spot for Jasper's ice climbers, and they don't have a schedule...they are pretty much always out there! If you are brave enough to venture out on our Maligne Canyon Icewalk Tour, chances are pretty good you'll see this amazing action taking place.

A long climb up!! During the summer the rock
face that these falls sit upon, is mostly

What kind of animal makes tracks like that?? Only a few ice climbers! That's right! Ryan and Troy don't drop bread crumbs, they follow their feirce tracks home!
Enjoy 2009!! Get out and about and enjoy the beauty that Jasper has to offer!!!